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“Fitness together has been using purity water for years and we can’t be happier.  We use to make two trips per week to get bottled water from the store, but now we have the convenience of clean, fresh drinking water without the plastic bottles piling or wasting gas making all of those trips back and forth”
-Fitness Together

“During the last year, the Chattanooga Times Free Press set an initiative throughout the building to become healthier. We started with a fitness center and immediately called Purity Drinking Water to install a water system. Dealing with the staff of Purity Water has been a very pleasant experience. The professionalism has surpassed our expectations and we are delighted with our new water systems. The staff is prompt and always courteous. I loved the systems so much, I put one in my house. We would definitely recommend Purity Water to everyone.” 
-Tanya Williamson, Executive Assistant to the President, Chattanooga Times Free Press

“I have been at Robinson Mfg for 26 years. For most of those years we had the original drinking fountains, metal pipes, Bad taste, and occasionally those metal units would have problems and we would end up with whole sections of wet carpet. Then we went through a short phase of the bottled water, Much improved taste, but we would start to see algae growth and occasionally we would get a bottle that just tasted stale. Which brings us to now, the last two years or so we have had the filtered water. I believe I can attest to the fact that everyone in the location I work just about everyone keeps a bottle at their desk that they use to re-fill with drinking water. I have stopped drinking carbonated drinks and been able to switch to drinking water. And the thing we love just as much is the ability to cook our oatmeal each morning from the ‘hot’ tap. As well, I keep a collection of tea’s that I steep in the afternoon using just the hot tap, which I enjoy tremendously. So, just wanted to tell you guys that you are doing a wonderful job, and thanks.” 
-John Garrison, Robinson Manufacturing Company

“Alstom Power has several Innowave UVF water filter cooling machines from Purity Drinking Water and we are very pleased with both the coolers and the service. We previously used bottled water and these coolers are MUCH MUCH more cost effective. You can use all the water you want at no extra cost plus the water tastes great. The thing I like the most is the health safety issue because the ultra violet light kills the bacteria which is very important to me. Bottom line is it’s cleaner, greener, healthier, and cheaper. Try one and you will want more.” 
-Pearl Hill, Alstom Power

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